Intuitive Development II

Join Lauren and delve even deeper into your intuitive self!  Lauren will guide you further into an understanding of the gifts we can all stretch and grow. Whether for self-improvement or to grow a business, you will gain greater insight into your Clairvoyant, Third Eye, Clairaudience, and other parts of your Intuitive Toolbox including utilizing Oracles. 

Class begins May 15th for 4 weeks, ending June 5th , from 5:30pm to 7:30pm.  Cost of class is $100.00.

​Deposit required:  $25

Meditation Class $15.00  

Every other Thursday  6:30 - 8:00pm
Next Meditation:  

Starts up again in May!

Mediumship and  Channeling Class with Lauren,

Lauren is a professional & International Psychic, Trance Channel and Medium. She will teach you her techniques on reaching into the Spirit world and the Upper Realms for Guidance;  help you build your Intuitive skills and strengthen your Divination for personal work &/or professional work.  Many topics will be discussed in this 6-week class, including 'Protection', and finding and understanding messages from other dimensions. Class begins in May.

Cost of 6-week course:  150.00


Dr. Dillon Questions and Answers Circle   

Thursday May  11, 2016  6:30-8:00pm
$25.00 (limited seating)

I will go into a meditative state, connecting into the Higher Realms. In these circles, I continue by going into a trance and Dr. Dillon will come forth. You can speak directly to my Angel, Dr. Dillon, bringing sub-conscious into conscious.

"OMG" the message really helped"